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Gun Storage for Apt

Gun Storage for Apartment Dwellers 
Owning a gun has become very controversial over the past year and proper secure gun storage has moved to the forefront.  The choice to keep a firearm in your home for sporting purposes, a collection or self-protection is a serious responsibility. Gun owners must be committed to obtaining the appropriate training and having a clear understanding of safe handling and gun storage rules to achieve the intended personal safety benefits. Reducing the risk of accidental shootings and gun safety education are the most important  talking points to the public. While proper gun storage is a controllable variable that should be given more attention it is probably the easiest step a gun owner can accomplish.
An unfortunate reality for most gun owning apartment dwellers is that custom alterations to their rented apartment for gun storage is not allowed. Small safes that are easily moved may not be appropriate or large enough for proper storage; and many times heavy gun vaults are not feasible.
Apartment dwellers must realize that more than just the occupants of the apartment have keys and access to their home. A responsible gun owner should take every precaution to ensure that their firearms do not end up in the wrong person’s hand. Here are three tips for Safe and Secure storage options for rifles, handguns and other firearms.
1. Purchase a lightweight gun cabinet. (not super secure but at least the guns are locked)
2. Hide the guns. (again not secure; plus other people may find them)
3. Offsite storage (although not at home, very secure and private)
Remember above all when you store your guns please use all of the basic storage safety tips:
  • Keep all gun storage units locked
  • Keep all stored guns unloaded
  • Keep ammunition in separate location if possible
  • Use gun locking mechanisms if available
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Gun Storage

Using the right storage techniques is one of the best ways to keep your possessions in good condition. But when it comes to guns, your storage choices also carry serious safety implications.

“The most important thing is to keep your firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them,” said Allen Forkner, a spokesman for Cannon Safe, which sells gun safes.

Follow these five tips to prevent damage and danger when storing your guns.

  1. Prepare Your Firearms.

Guns are major investments and often carry sentimental value, so before you store your firearms, thoroughly clean and treat them as directed by the owner’s manual, Forkner said. Can’t find the manual? Apply a very light coat of oil on the entire surface of a gun, he suggested.

  1. Avoid Cases and Sleeves.

One of the biggest mistakes Forkner sees is when gun owners store firearms in padded sleeves and cases that are designed only for transporting firearms.

Often, the material in these cases absorbs moisture from the air and puts it directly in contact with the guns, he said. Therefore, avoid wrapping or covering your guns; instead, make sure they’re exposed to air.

  1. Pick a Stable Place.

Pay attention to the moisture levels in the area where you’re storing your guns. Too much moisture can cause rust to form, while too little can lead to cracking.

A 50 percent humidity level and 70-degree temperature provide the ideal storage conditions, Forkner said. But if you aren’t able to maintain a 70-degree setting, simply keeping the temperature steady is your best bet.

“The fluctuation between hot and cold is what causes the materials to expand and contract,” Forkner said, “and it’s that constant expansion and contraction that leads to cracks and damage.”

  1. Secure Your Guns.

Whether you’re worried about children, burglars or visitors gaining access to your gun collection, always prioritize safety when you’re choosing a storage method—especially in your home.

The National Crime Prevention Council recommends several safety options, including trigger locks that make it impossible to pull the trigger and cable locks that prevent loading and firing. You also can buy a safe or lockbox that can be opened only with a key or combination.

Gun safes are the most secure options and provide the added benefit of holding large collections. They not only keep guns away from unauthorized users, but top-quality safes also can guard against fire for a certain period of time.

“If you can secure [the safes] to the floor or to the wall, that’s even better,” Forkner said.

  1. Consider Away-From-Home Storage.

While some owners might prefer to keep their guns outside the home, the options for this type of storage are limited. Self-storage facilities largely prohibit firearms, but you can find a few specialty self-storage facilities that offer on-site cabinets and safes.  Colorado Vault and Safe Deposit Box Co.; a private vaulted storage facility; offers offsite gun storage for individuals who desire outside the home options.

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Firearm Gun Ownership

Recent events have renewed cries for stricter gun control.  The question that has risen is “How far can the Government go in restricting and individual’s right to keep and bear arms?”  In the Landlord/Tenant arena, the question becomes, “Can a Landlord prohibit Tenants from owning or possessing firearms on the property?”

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as ratified by the States and authenticated by then Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, reads “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shgunall not be infringed.” 1

At first glance, the Landlord seemingly would not have the right to limit another person’s Constitutional right to possess a firearm. There are many instances where a property owner’s right to determine what can or cannot be on his property is not absolute.

A Landlord can prohibit pets, but not assistive animals.  A Landlord can prohibit excessive traffic, but cannot prevent a Bible Study. The Federal and State Fair Housing laws limit what a private property owner can or cannot do.  If there is a “protected class” involved, namely, race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or country of origin, a Landlord faces restrictions on what he can do on his property. So back to the question can a landlord prohibit a tenant from firearm gun storage?

Gun owners are not a “protected class” and therefore, not subject to Fair Housing laws.  Only governments, Federal, State or Local, cannot infringe on an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

The matter then reverts to the property owner’s rights and the law of contract.  If a Landlord does not want firearms on his property, and the lease provides that the tenant agrees not to have firearms on the premises, it is a negotiated term and can be upheld.  However, it stands to reason that the converse would also apply.  If a Landlord wants to require that all tenants must have a firearm in the unit if they are going to rent from this Landlord, it would also be a negotiated term and would be upheld. Now that would be a twist…”To live in this apartment you must have firearm or gun owner.”

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