Gun Storage for Apartment Dwellers 
Owning a gun has become very controversial over the past year and proper secure gun storage has moved to the forefront.  The choice to keep a firearm in your home for sporting purposes, a collection or self-protection is a serious responsibility. Gun owners must be committed to obtaining the appropriate training and having a clear understanding of safe handling and gun storage rules to achieve the intended personal safety benefits. Reducing the risk of accidental shootings and gun safety education are the most important  talking points to the public. While proper gun storage is a controllable variable that should be given more attention it is probably the easiest step a gun owner can accomplish.
An unfortunate reality for most gun owning apartment dwellers is that custom alterations to their rented apartment for gun storage is not allowed. Small safes that are easily moved may not be appropriate or large enough for proper storage; and many times heavy gun vaults are not feasible.
Apartment dwellers must realize that more than just the occupants of the apartment have keys and access to their home. A responsible gun owner should take every precaution to ensure that their firearms do not end up in the wrong person’s hand. Here are three tips for Safe and Secure storage options for rifles, handguns and other firearms.
1. Purchase a lightweight gun cabinet. (not super secure but at least the guns are locked)
2. Hide the guns. (again not secure; plus other people may find them)
3. Offsite storage (although not at home, very secure and private)
Remember above all when you store your guns please use all of the basic storage safety tips:
  • Keep all gun storage units locked
  • Keep all stored guns unloaded
  • Keep ammunition in separate location if possible
  • Use gun locking mechanisms if available