I’ve been looking for a private safe deposit box in Colorado for a while. I’ve been accumulating too many important things at home and I’m worried about fire or robbery. I’ve also got concerns about bank failures and the bureaucratic nightmares that can follow. After taking a tour of Colorado Vault and Safe Box Co., I felt absolutely assured that this was a great place to put my valuables. I’m wiling to travel an hour to use their private vault. I think this is a great idea and I wish them much success!


Boulder, CO

What a great idea! Finally an alternative to my bank.


Aurora, CO

I’m relieved to have a large affordable safe deposit box to accommodate my family history heirlooms and original records, as well as DVD backups of all my family photos and important documents. Thanks to Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit Box Co. for making the process of getting in and out of the box quick and convenient.


Highlands Ranch, CO

Colorado Vault was professional and knowledgeable on storage and data organization. They had some great ideas on what to store and back-up.

S. Bryant

Centennial, CO

I am so glad you guys opened up. My Credit Union does not offer safe deposit boxes, so I had my documents at a bank; I have since moved to Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit. Thanks!


Highlands Ranch, CO

It was great to finally find a safe deposit box company that is close to our business and secure with a very helpful staff!


Littleton, CO