Every 19 seconds a fire department in the U.S. is responding to a fire!

“A safe deposit box is a convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. Although many people like to keep valuables close by in a closet, safe or file cabinet at home or in the office, these places are probably not resistant to fire, water, or theft.” Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit Box Co.

Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit Box Co. is the only private safe deposit box company and private vault in the State of Colorado. We will bring superior state of the art security with unmatched professional customer service!

Our mission is to offer a safe and secure alternative to the traditional bank or financial institution.

Let’s face it, a home vault or the top drawer in your master bedroom is not the safest, most secure or confidential place to store your irreplaceable valuables or hard to replicate documents.

Your Box, Your Rules

You control how you store your items

You control what you store in your vault (including firearms)

You control when you access your vault


You control who can access your vault

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself!

We are dedicated to provide private vaulted storage to our clients; let Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit Box Co. give you a superior affordable way to own your own private off-site vault.

Our Boxes

We have six standard sizes available and we offer annual or monthly billing options. All safe deposit boxes are 22 inches in length and include a personal container (bond box) along with two keys.
Our Safe Deposit Boxes