How to secure your new condo? Your excited, you just bought or leased your first place. Before you start decorating there are few tips you will want to consider to secure your new apartment or condo. Read the list below to see where you should start:

1. Get New Door Locks  Types-Of-Security-Door-Locks

Replacing your locks reduces the risk of unwanted persons being able to access your new place. Many landlords say they’ve replaced the locks, but sometimes apartment managers will just rotate the old locks between apartments, and extra keys are not always returned. When you move into new housing, you never know how many keys have gone missing or how many previous tenants may still have keys. Ask your landlord about having your locks replaced with brand new locks, not redistributed old ones. Don’t risk somebody being able to return to your apartment with an old key.

2.  Examine Window Locks

Good window locks keep intruders from gaining easy access to your residence. This is especially true for windows on the ground level, but all windows should be properly checked—you’d be surprised how determined burglars can be. Treat all windows as potential entry points, and make sure all window locks are working properly and cannot be manipulated from the outside.

3. Invest in Good Blinds

Good blinds may prevent robbers from looking inside your home and being tempted by all the valuables they see. Install blinds that completely block the view from outside, and make sure to close them when you go out. That way, you’ll keep wandering eyes from scanning your valuables and reduce your risk of break-ins. Blinds are  inexpensive, attractive and secure your place.

5. Get Renters Insurance

Renters insurance will protect the value of your possessions in case they are stolen or destroyed by a disaster. Your landlord may have an insurance policy, but those generally only cover the building you live in, not your personal belongings. Many insurance companies offer policies specifically for renters that run about $20 a month and cover all your property at the full replacement cost. Renters insurance can also protect you in case of a liability lawsuit where you are deemed responsible for the damage of another tenant’s property. You may think you don’t own very much, but consider the cost of replacing everything you own in the event of a theft, fire, or severe weather. If you wouldn’t be able to recover from the loss, then renters insurance is a good option secure your well being.

6. Get a Safe Deposit Box  Gun Storage w-safe deposit boxes

A safe deposit box or private vault can be a very good defense to secure your most valuable and irreplaceable possessions. Items such as jewelry, cash, firearms, and sensitive documents can be locked offsite safe from theft, fire and other natural disasters. Safe deposit boxes are also very good organizational tools for families. Boxes come in all sizes and range in price from under $100 per year. Visit for a checklist of items to place and secure in your safe deposit box.