Gun safety and preparation are incredibly important, especially when long-term storage is involved. The first–and most important–step is to make sure that your firearm is completely unloaded. The next step is to clean and oil your gun. If you’ve had a lot of time on the range or hunting this season, make sure to disassemble your gun and give it a very thorough cleaning. If you’re storing for an especially long time, you should also clean the magazine. Now that the gun is squeaky clean, let’s talk about storage facilities.

When deciding on a storage facility, keep in mind that security should always be your number one priority. Guns are worth a ton of money, and are incredibly dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Remember that some facilities do not allow the storage of guns in their facility, while some cater exclusively to gun owners. If you have a gun at home, but no space, using a gun safe in conjunction with a secure storage facility is a great solution. Trigger locks are definitely recommended, and might be required depending on where you are storing your gun. Fortunately, gun locks are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Humidity is always a concern, as humid temperatures can lead to rusting, which will definitely render a firearm unusable. If you didn’t shell out the cash for the ultimate luxury of climate-control, you should consider shelling out a little money for a breathable gun sock and some desiccant silica gel packs. The gel packs will control the local humidity in the gun sock, and the sock will keep the gun protected from extraneous weather conditions while maintaining a fairly stable environment.

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