Home evacuations occur more often than many people realize. A fire, flood, gas leak or natural disasters such as earthquakes or forest fires are all unpredictable events. In the U.S. however, fires and floods cause evacuations most frequently and almost every year. In addition, hundreds of times a year, transportation and industrial accidents release harmful substances, forcing many people to leave their homes unexpectedly.

Major organizations as well as the government all have emergency evacuation plans so it is quite natural and important that you have an emergency evacuation plan for your house. A home evacuation plan can ensure the safety of your family:

Create a plan with your family – completing the plan together will allow everyone to understand the purpose of the plan. Your plan should include:

Don’t try to save property, Call 911 from neighbor’s house and never go back into house!

Practice your plan – Just like any good team you must continuously practice. This will keep the family sharp during a critical situation.

Other things to consider –

  • Have an emergency contact phone list
  • Create a home inventory of items in hour house along with pictures or video of expensive items and store offsite in a safe deposit box

If you are unsure how to create a plan contact your local police or fire department for some assistance. Also you can find additional information on evacuation and emergency plans on the internet.