Thefts from Vehicles are crimes in which, thieves take valuables from parked cars, usually without stealing the cars or trucks. Many times these illegal acts can be prevented. Here are some tips that may prevent would be criminals from stealing from your car:

  •  Always completely roll up your windows and lock your vehicle doors when parked. Don’t be an easy target. Breaking in to cars quietly takes longer while smashing windows makes noise. Either one should attract some attention.
  • Remove valuables when parking for extended periods of time. Parking overnight at home or in a parking lot for long periods of time such as airports, sporting events and even out to dinner; thieves take this opportunity to strike.
  •  Hide or cover valuables when parking for short periods. Securing in the glove box or trunk can deter many criminals from targeting your vehicle.
  •  Place accessories like handicap placards, GPS units, satellite radios and radar detectors in the middle console or glove box when parking for long periods of time. These items are favorites of thieves.
  • Whenever possible park your vehicle in a closed and locked garage; if this is not possible than park in driveway or on a well lit street. This will help in deterring criminals from targeting your vehicle.

Finally – Report any and all suspicious persons and activities to the local police department immediately. People trying door handles, looking into parked cars, etc, should be reported.

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