It happens every year on Father’s Day and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Children everywhere will excitedly and lovingly give their fathers the classic coffee mug, refrigerator magnet, hat, picture frame, or T-shirt that will officially, unmistakably proclaim their very own father to be “The World’s Greatest Dad.”

It’s a big title to live up to; but, in fact, it’s true. Through the eyes of your children, you are the world’s greatest dad. Yet there is so much more to being the world’s greatest dad than taking your mug to work and putting it on your desk. With this title, there also comes great responsibility. As the world’s greatest dad you are your child’s first teacher, first mentor and role model, and first coach. As a dad you are the first to show your children how to love, the first to teach them the importance of trust and honor and kindness. As their father, you alone are responsible for showing them what being a good parent and father looks like; for, one day, they too will be parents and will be on the receiving end of that coffee mug and world title.

Meanwhile, the outside world will teach and show your child many things. What will always matter most to your children is what you have instilled in them. The words and deeds of you, the world’s greatest dad, will stay with them forever.

To all the other greatest dads in the world, we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

A Father’s Day Message From All Pro Dads Tony Dungy and Troy Vincent