June 25th, 2012

Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver and the Office of Emergency Management would like all residents of Douglas County to think about their needs in the event that you would need to leave your home in an emergency.

With the continuation of the wild-land fires in the state of Colorado, we are reminding residents this could happen in Douglas County and we encourage all of you to be prepared for any event that may require you to evacuate your home or business. Because you live in a non wild-land fire danger area doesn’t mean you will not have to evacuate your home or shelter in place.

All residents should be prepared for any type of an emergency and have a minimum of a 3 day supply of food, water and medicine on hand to take with them or shelter in place.

You should have a plan in place. This plan is not only what you will take with you, but also where you will meet other family members.  Remember, phones may not be working so if you can’t call them, where is your meeting location?

What important documents must you take if everything is destroyed in your home? Do you have an inventory of your belongings for insurance claims? Have those things been appraised and listed on your home homeowners’ policy? Where are your passports, birth certificates or insurance documents located, should you take these with you? Do you have cash on hand if stores cannot take credit cards or ATM’s are not working?

Think about photographing or videoing your entire house inside and out and putting this and other important information on a flash drive or two. You can give one to a family member, a friend or put it in a safe deposit box.

Have you registered your non Century Link phone number for emergency notifications? Here is the link:http://dcsheriff.net/Emergency_Mass_Notification_System.html. By registering you will then receive information on your cellular phone or land-line phone when the Sheriff’s Office sends out a mass emergency notification in area. If you need assistance with the emergency mass notification system please call Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Community Resource Unit at 303-660-7544.

Douglas County residents can receive information when an emergency event is taking place in the county. During emergencies the Sheriff’s Office does its best to post the most recent information regarding evacuations and other public safety concerns on dcsheriff.net. Residents can subscribe to the dcsheriff news blog and receive alerts via email, facebook, and twitter, when the blog is updated. To get the latest information it is suggested that county residents subscribe to the dcsheriff.net news blog, Facebook (Douglas County Sheriff) and Twitter (Dcsheriff) or by going to dcsheriff.net and using the Facebook and Twitter icon in the middle of the home page.

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