Every year about this time, break-ins and robberies increase … you shop for the holidays … thieves shop for the holidays. Cars get broken into in the neighborhoods and in parking lots. It’s time to put out a bit of information that might help you get through all of this mess unscathed. Sit back and grab a drink…this might take a minute.

  • Always lock you doors and roll up the windows all the way. “I was only going to be inside for a minute” doesn’t cut it. Leave it down and unlocked and your asking for trouble.
  • Alarm systems. If you have one, use it! Systems with the little blinking light visible to the outside of the car work great.
  • Everybody hates getting into a cold car. Me included. When the temperatures drop, vehicle thefts rise. Several of my friends warm up their car while their inside getting ready. Ya-hoo’s walk up and say, “Hey … would you look at that … free car!” Make sure, if you must do this, to have a spare key and at least lock the car up while it’s running.
  • Keys … that reminds me … house keys … everybody has a hidden key somewhere around the house. It takes a bad thief 2 minutes to find the decoy rock!
  • Garage Door – Close it. Nuf said!!!
  • Last but not least … when someone does break in, MAKE A REPORT! Even if it’s just some pocket change, the reports lets the police know that your area is experiencing a rise in crime and they can take appropriate steps to respond to it.

Merry Christmas!!!