Having data and other important files stored offsite is a great way to protect it from loss. Every family, business, or organization that has a good plan for having an offsite data storage process will have the confidence that their important data and documents are safe. They will be able to continue to proceed with their business operations and family activities without being hindered or disturbed by future catastrophic threats.
Experts and well prepared individuals find offsite storage as a secure and affordable alternative to old storage solutions, such as the top drawer of a file cabinet.

Today, over 10 million Americans become victims of identity theft annually and about half of the cases will caused by stolen paperwork. Having your important documents such as birth certificates and social security cards properly stored off-site will help reduce your risk.

Additionally; today’s business environment requires small businesses to manage their data in a timely and secure manner. The options of using tape and disk drives years ago thrived in an era when size of the data was not a major constraint. As the business grows, it is expected that the volume of information will rise, so it is a necessity for owners to streamline all the data received and manage it in a single location. This kind of method keeps the data secure and enforces multilevel access methods to various groups of users of information.

The benefits to storing off-site:
1. Protects your valuable information from theft and loss
2. Organizes information into one place for ease of recovery
3. Increases recovery time
4. Reduces insurance expenses

Off-site storage should be one of the processes that families and businesses use for their own protection. There are a range of options that offer significant advantages to on-site storage. The options range from having a safe deposit box, cloud computing data storage, or even at a relative’s house. These options will be inexpensive compared to the cost of recovery process. So take the step and prepare your family and/or business for an unexpected event and gather, organize and store off-site.