Are you getting money back this year?

There are approximately 4 weeks until the tax deadline.  Have you filed yet?  If you have what are you going to do with the money?  Are you going to pay bills?  Go on vacation, buy a new car?  These are the typical things that people do every year when they receive a tax refund.  This year try something new and creative to do with your tax refund.  Here are a few ideas:

Make a bet with yourself

Set a major goal with a 6 month deadline (like losing 10 pounds).  If you don’t meet the goal put your refund into an IRA.  But if you do hit the mark, spend the money on anything you want guilt-free!

Give it away

There are tons of people and places that can use a donation.  Remember to be creative and have fun with it.   For example, start a general scholarship fund to your alma mater, buy toys for the Toys for Tots drive, or even donate to the zoo.  All of these places rely on donations and gifts to continue operations.

Start a side business

If you have always wanted to turn that hobby of yours into a side business but lacked the capital, your tax refund may be the funding you need.  The old adage of it takes money to make money is still very true!

tips are from USAA insurance