Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

10. Back-up electronic info from home computer
A. Organize family photos and save on flash drive
B. Organize and save all music
C. Organize and save all word documents

9. Develop an emergency family plan
A. Start and Finish your living Will

B. Find your social security card, birth certificates, Passports, Car Titles

8. Complete a Retirement Check-up
A. Consolidate your old 401ks and IRAs
B. Start or Increase your retirement savings
C. How are you invested?

7. Complete Insurance Check-up
A. Auto, Home, Renters, Life – Are you paying too much, do you have enough coverage?
B. Inventory your household contents for insurance purposes
C. Where are your polices?

6. Consolidate your bank accounts

5. Volunteer

4. Home improvement project
A. Finish a project
B. Start and finish a new project

3. Treat yourself to 1 new thing

2. Do something for your health

1. Get A Safe Deposit Box
A. It is not just for gold, cash and jewelry or Jason Bourne!