How is your holiday shopping going? Are you tired of the same old gifts; such as sweaters, ties, perfume, jewelry, toys, etc…? Well over the next 5 days I will give you some new ideas for holiday gifts you can give today.

Gift idea Number #1

Silver – As we have discussed in prior blogs, Silver could be the next big investment hit. With all the speculation of a possible shortage surrounding this precious metal; silver could be a cool gift and a great investment.

Here are some chic ways to own silver:

Silver bars – The bars come in 100 oz and 10 oz options and are .999 pure silver. The bars are struck by various mints; they are very attractive and our maintenance free.
U.S. Silver Eagles – These very fine-looking coins are 1 ounce of silver and are newly struck by the U.S. mint. They have a face value of 1 dollar and have a Walking Lady Liberty on the back of the coin.
Various Silver Coins – The United States currency combination of half dollars, quarters and dimes can be acquired from different outlets and are 90% silver. Make sure these coins are dated prior to 1965 when silver was eliminated from United States minting process.

I hope this helps you with your holiday shopping ideas!!!!!