Day #3:  Perhaps the greatest gift a person can give is the Gift of Organization.

Almost everyone out there is disorganized in some part of their lives.  Whether it is work, your basement, the garage, your study or office, or maybe even just the organization of your day to day activities; an organizer can help.  Have you ever thought of a gift certificate for a friend or family member from a local Professional Organizer!!  These professionals have a gift that truly keeps on giving.  They specialize in helping people not just get organized but also how to develop a process that keep them organized.  We have all seen the extreme examples of Professional Organizing from shows like Hoarders.  But organizers can assist in everything from ADD/ADHD to closet organizing, to helping organize tool and supplies in a garage.  I have also seen them work wonder in an office setting where they can help improve effiecency in ways the workers their never thought possible.  I urge you to look around at your friends and family’s lives and see who could really use a gift certificate to a local personal organizer.