That is how much the Fed gave U.S. banks  for emergency aid during the 2008 financial crisis.  The Fed gave foreign banks and countries billions of dollars as well.  Most loans have been repaid but the economy and unemployment rates still seem unstable .  The 3rd quarter of 2010 showed billions of dollars in profits for banks and corporate bonuses are creeping up again.  Since the bailouts banks seem hesitant to lend money to small businesses.  Why?  Mainly because banks are still feeling the hangover of the sub-prime lending disaster and they are a little gun-shy at this point.  These loans were made and dispersed by money hungry, greedy bankers who wanted to line their own pockets.  These loans were supported by Realtors who wanted that sales commission.  These loans were accepted by individuals whose eyes were too big for their wallet.   You see everyone was at fault for the financial crisis.  Everyone!  So lets do this, lets accept the mistake; its over and done with.  Lets move on. The Fed bailed out the banks, now it is time that the banks help out small businesses.  Banks need to have confidence that the small business owners (that are the back bone of America) will take care of business and do what is right.

Banks the lend money and small business America will hire employees and get the country moving again!