How to tame your paper piles
Do you have tons and tons of paper in your home office, on your kitchen counter or a shoebox? Where do you keep receipts for taxes? How about insurance paperwork (Insurance claims are processed quicker when clients have their paperwork)? How about birth certificates, titles, or immunization records, etc…Lets try to tame this paperwork and get you organized?

First get all the paperwork together and start to sort. This is the most important part because you can find out what is what and how important is it? Your piles maybe very large, that is alright. Next, place everything you want keep in a pile and everything you want to discard in a pile. Statements can usually be obtained online, so there is no need to keep past 2 years. Tax returns no more than 6 years but you may want to ask an accountant. Anything expired and duplicate copies can be in the out pile as well. Make sure you SHRED everything you discard!

You should feel much better at this point, next week we will get into how to organize the other pile………