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Securing your home while on vacation

Securing your home while on vacation is an easy but often overlooked necessity. In today’s world being on the offensive when it comes to securing your home is essential, making sure you have done all you can to protect your valuables is something not to be overlooked.

These tips will help you avoid becoming the next victim.

Get an Alarm System

  • The most effective theft deterrent in securing your home is an alarm system. Make the investment and get a good system. There are several companies offering installation but make sure you get a system that covers your whole home; also it is important to have it monitored. Having an un-monitored alarm system is like having a car with no gas, that certainly will not help in securing your home. There are very affordable camera systems available on the market as well. All these systems can be accessed from you smart phone. Remember, quality does matter.

Neighbors can help

  • Make sure a neighbor picks up newspapers and mail. Believe it or not, thieves drive around looking into mailboxes to see if the box is stuffed. If the box has 3 or 4 days’ worth of mail in it, chances are you’re not home.
  • If you leave your car in the garage, ask a neighbor to park in your driveway during your vacation. This simple little action gives the illusion someone is home. Also, ask them to park on different sides of the driveway each day as well.
  • Go to your local home improvement store and buy 2 or 3 light timers. This is another inexpensive way to give the illusion someone is in the home. Today’s technology has wireless digital timers for relatively low costs. Put a timer in different rooms to come on and off at different times. Make sure to inform a neighbor of the rooms where lights are going to be on and off.

It’s the small things that count

  • Remove your smaller valuables such as jewelry, cash and firearms as well as confidential paperwork. Most burglars are looking for the small items to put in a pillow case and leave. You can rent a safe deposit box or a private vault for short term purposes. When you remove the most valuable items you have reduced your losses. X-Boxes, games, TV’s DVD players etc are all replaceable, but grandma’s diamond ring is not.
  • Some people have put up hurricane shutters when leaving on vacation thinking this will keep burglars out. This is the worst thing you could possibly do. If a thieve gets inside, they have unlimited time to rob your house with no one seeing or bothering them.
    LOCK your doors and windows. Many, many times people have forgotten to lock their doors and burglars just walk in.

Hopefully if you follow some of these simple tips, you will not become a statistic. Please be safe and enjoy your vacation.

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Excerpt – from Interstate Security Corp

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Tips for long term gun storage

There is a saying that goes, “If it’s time to bury your guns, then its time to dig them up.” Some say that if you hide your gun off-site, it becomes useless. Either way, if you plan to store your gun for the long-term, you need to make sure you have pre-treated it properly and prepared your storage area properly to prevent rust from ruining your weapon. Whether you’re choosing to store your hunting rifle at home until the next season, storing a gun collection or preparing for the future, preparing the weapons beforehand is done the same way.

First, you must make sure you have the proper storage container. Do not use the original cardboard box of your gun or any cardboard box. Further, do not use foam or sheep skinned-lined cases. Cardboard, sheep skin and foam all attract moisture. A silicon-treated gun sockgun storage bags, or any gun safe is your best bet if you are keeping your gun at home. You can also wrap your gun in kitchen wax paper instead of a bag or a sock. If you choose this method, make sure no parts are sticking out, wrap it mummy-style and secure with masking tape. If you are going to be using a gun safe, store your long guns barrel down so that no oil can seep into the stock or other parts of the gun.

Break down your gun as much as you can. Keep the gun de-cocked to relieve tension on springs and other parts, or remove hammer springs, firing pin springs and recoil springs. Remove all fingerprints from your gun using Outer’s silicone gun and reel cloth or a cloth with Break-Free CLP. Copper, lead, plastic and carbon will all attract moisture, so completely clean your gun, preferably with products that are ammonia-free, such as Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner and Copper Terminator. Thoroughly clean out the bore of your gun and then apply a thin layer of lubrication, such as Break-Free CLP. Also apply a light coat of lubrication to other exterior metal surfaces. Birchwood Casey’s Barricade rust prevention contains metal preservatives that will leave a transparent coating to seal the surface with a protective film. Note that greases and other petroleum-based products will ruin plastic and synthetic stocks and rubber pistol grips, so apply lubrication and oils only to the metal parts of the gun.

Wood stocks need special attention. You will need to treat your wood stock with wax to prevent swelling and cracking. Birchwood Casey’s gun stock wax is safe to use on wood, metal and leather. Do not forget to wax inside the stock. Remove as much of the metal parts as you can, such as the receiver and barrel. Wax the wood under the metal and then reassemble the gun before storing.

Check your stored gun periodically, especially if you live in a humid area and re-oil if necessary.

Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit Box has gun storage room that offers convenient, safe and secure off-site storage for all of your gun/firearm storage needs.  Call today to reserve your gun cabinet.


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